• three skeleton figurines posing in “see no, hear no, speak no evil” formation

    Tips for Managing a Skeleton Staff During Holidays

    It’s not easy keeping a short-staffed workplace humming while working during the holidays, but it can be a great opportunity to showcase your talents and flexibility. 5 Holiday Season Staff Management Tips Slow periods may be appropriate for servicing and refurbishment of plant or office facilities. These will improve efficiencies…

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  • a bird’s eye view of a colourful resume on a wooden surface alongside a laptop

    5 Ways Your CV Turns Off Potential Employers

    New Year, new job: now is the time companies are hiring. Your resumé is the first contact you make with a potential employer. 5 Common CV Mistakes to Avoid To help you put your best foot forward, keep reading the Tower Group blog as we reveal five ways your curriculum…

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