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    Tips for Managing a Skeleton Staff During Holidays

    It’s not easy keeping a short-staffed workplace humming while working during the holidays, but it can be a great opportunity to showcase your talents and flexibility. 5 Holiday Season Staff Management Tips Slow periods may be appropriate for servicing and refurbishment of plant or office facilities. These will improve efficiencies…

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  • a bird’s eye view of a colourful resume on a wooden surface alongside a laptop

    5 Ways Your CV Turns Off Potential Employers

    New Year, new job: now is the time companies are hiring. Your resumé is the first contact you make with a potential employer. 5 Common CV Mistakes to Avoid To help you put your best foot forward, keep reading the Tower Group blog as we reveal five ways your curriculum…

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  • woman typing a rejection letter on laptop

    Tips for Writing Rejection Emails to Candidates

    Rejecting a candidate is not a pleasant task and it’s quite understandable for recruiters to want to avoid it. However, as any job applicant will tell you, there is one thing worse than negative feedback and that’s no feedback at all. 4 Things to Remember When Rejecting Unsuccessful Candidates People…

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    The Value of Social Proof in Hiring

    Social proof is a phenomenon in which people seek examples and influence from other individuals or groups in order to decide on an appropriate action or to formulate an opinion. Currently, it is most often applied to activity in the social media world but it was actually first described back…

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    The Importance of Employee Orientation

    After having completed the recruitment process, the next important thing you can do is ensure that you take your new employee through a proper orientation process. At the Tower Group, we believe that is is a simple but vital thing to do that will offer short- and long-term benefits both…

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    The Impact of Social Media on Recruitment

    We live in a post-social media world where no aspect of our lives and work is unaffected by likes, follows, shares, influencers and friends. The field of recruitment and human resources is no exception. Tower Group explains some of the ways in which social media has affected recruitment. Targeting the…

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  • Two businessmen shake hands as a new employee is welcomed to the organisation

    5 Reasons to Choose Tower Group as Your Recruitment Agency

    Here at Tower Group, we strive to orchestrate successful, lasting client-organisation relationships and make the job-hunting/recruitment process as easy as possible for you. There are numerous benefits of Tower Group managed services, which is why we want to help make your life as simple as possible and share a few…

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    The Benefits of Outsourced Project Management

    Outsourcing a project manager refers to hiring an expert, out of your organisation, in order to obtain an objective in your business. One of the most common reasons for failure in projects is poor project management. 5 Benefits of Hiring an Outsourced Project Management At Tower Group, we believe that…

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  • an office filled with relaxed and happy workers

    The Importance of Corporate Culture Fit

    Corporate culture fit is a major factor in any organisation; however, it is an extremely difficult area to assess. Cultural fit refers to how well an employee fits in and is compatible with their organisation’s values, as well as the way they operate and function. 3 Benefits of Corporate Culture…

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    5 Things to Look for in a Placement Partner

    Most people are well aware that your search for a great position at a respected and prestigious company isn’t without its stresses, disappointments, and frustrations. Even using a recruitment advisor or placement partner like Tower Group, you’re still going to face stiff opposition for the best positions in the market,…

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