• man and woman shaking hands in boardroom

    How to Be a Great Employer

    It is amazing to see that many organisations are willing to spend large amounts of money on preventative maintenance to keep their fixed assets in top condition, but precious few are willing to put similar investment into sustaining the well-being of their employees. Humans have a number of core needs…

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  • man using a laptop with glasses on

    Our Top CV Tips: Quantify Your CV with Data

    Jobseekers already understand the importance of an impeccable CV, but for those that feel like they are having less luck than others, there are some simple yet effective ways to improve your CV and get you noticed. One such factor is the need to quantify your CV, meaning you need…

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  • man holding out his hand to shake

    Our Staffing Solutions Make Hiring Simple

    If you are looking for a full, turnkey solution to your recruitment problem, then you have come to the right place. Tower Group offer a wide range of staffing solutions that allow us to guide you through the hiring process and offer you the best candidates for your vacancy. Head-Hunting…

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  • man and woman talking outside with laptop

    Unusual Recruitment Methods Attract Great Candidates

    Many recruitment agents know the dreadful drag of cookie-cutter, vague and boring responses to their job advertisements, and frequently lament the lack of standout CVs. At Tower Group, however, we say: “Boring questions bring boring answers”! That means we see how bold and unusual recruitment methods are changing the game…

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  • man sitting at boardroom table smiling

    Preparing for 2018

    Last week I had the pleasure of hosting the Tower leadership team for one of our regular strategy review sessions. The theme was “Preparing for 2018.” Now, this may seem a bit premature since we are only in November now. Yet, I learnt during the last two years that being…

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  • cup of coffee and a laptop

    5 Rules of your Day

    Have at least one success in your day, however small. And the earlier in your day, the better as it provides you with a much-needed energy boost for the day. And, a success could be as small as making a telephone call you have been putting off. Going it alone…

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  • people using their smart devices

    Youth Day

    As we celebrate Youth Day today, it is a good time to reflect on the contribution of our youth to various happenings or trends in society. Whether it be fashion, music, the use of technology or innovation, the impact of our youth on these is evident. It always fascinates me…

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  • south africans holding their flag

    Freedom Day

    Tomorrow is Freedom Day, generally regarded as a celebration of the day on which our young democracy was born. Because we have such a diverse rainbow nation, it is understandable that Freedom Day means different things to different people. What does it mean to you? Do you celebrate it or…

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  • compass on a table

    Easter Message from the CEO

    With so much happening in SA at the moment, the weeks are slipping by and we are fast approaching the most important holiday season after our year-end “shutdown.” As the weeks fly past we tend to focus on the here and now, the immediate. While this is a good strategy…

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  • CEO of tower group

    New Year’s Message from the CEO

    It is hard to believe that the December holidays are over! They flew past so quickly. I trust that for those of you lucky enough to have taken a break, that it was restful and you are recharged for the year ahead. As we return to our jobs it may…

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