Corporate Social Responsibility


The Tower Group is committed to being an active and responsible corporate citizen. We aim to be a force for positive change and community vitality and our social upliftment programmes are focused on this outcome. Tower has been implementing an active strategy for community investment and upliftment which is designed to establish and enhance the relationships between Tower and the communities in which we operate. In this positive way we can communicate our corporate values as well as our brand values to all stakeholders, while impacting positively on people’s lives.

The Tower CSR Vision

To continue to actively and positively engage with small black-owned enterprises which may require resources and support to enable them to grow and become sustainable, ultimately allowing them to impact positively on the communities in which they operate. We further aim to remain environmentally responsible and to inspire all our stakeholders and their communities to initiate positive environmental change in their communities.

CSR Policy

The aim and purpose of the Tower CSR Policy is to:

  • Outline and communicate Tower’s CSR strategy and therefore our involvement in enterprise and community development upliftment;
  • Set out the goals, processes and procedures by which Tower will select, manage, and support its corporate social investment and related activities;
  • Periodically report on our activities and successes.

Tower’s Investment Footprint

  • The Tower CSR investments are mainly made to small black-owned enterprises in SA.
  • Tower, from time-to-time, invests in special programmes such as crime prevention, education and community upliftment.

CSR Focus Areas

The Tower CSR focus areas outlined in this policy statement indicate the broader areas in which Tower, from time-to-time, shall direct investment of the company’s allocated resources and funding. Focus areas of the Tower CSR program are Education and Entrepreneurship. Within these areas:

  • One focus area is on supporting small black-owned enterprises to grow and become sustainable;
  • Another major focus area is supporting education and specifically a secondary schooling focus. To this end we support educators and learners with various programmes aimed at improving results as well as improving the lives of learners in our supported communities.

Criteria for CSR Programme Selection:

  • Projects should allow small black-owned enterprises in SA to grow and become sustainable;
  • Projects should focus on sustainability and entrepreneurship;
  • A clear sustainability plan must be in place for each enterprise we support;
  • Organisations must be registered as black-owned SMME’s;
  • Application forms need to be completed and the shortlisted businesses will be subject to an interview with the CEO;
  • Feedback reports on use of investments must be submitted at least quarterly.

Employee Involvement In CSR

Tower acknowledges the value of involving our employees in the CSR activities of the company. To achieve this, Tower will endeavour to continue to implement programmes that involve employee participation whilst also achieving our corporate objectives.

General Exclusions

As part of its corporate CSR Tower will not offer loans / financial support to:

  • Formal or informal Conferences;
  • Non-SMME organisations and companies;
  • Individuals, or small groups in their personal capacity;
  • Travel, either by groups or individuals;
  • Political parties or groups with partisan political affiliations;
  • Labour unions;
  • Gala dinners and other fund-raising events;
  • Bursaries, other than our existing education support programmes;
  • Sports Clubs.

Tower Groups Recent CSR Projects

Enterprise Development

Painting Contractor – Kwazulu-Natal

Tower, during 2010 – 2016, loaned on an interest-free basis, amount of R20,000.00 to a small black-owned painting contracting business to allow them to expand their target market and to be able to undertake contracts outside of their immediate geographic area. This has allowed the entrepreneur to increase the size and scope of his contracts business and to make it more sustainable in the longer-term.

Trader in Personal Care Products – Gauteng

During the period 2010 – 2016 Tower donated R90,000.00 to a small, black-owned, entrepreneurial firm to establish a personal care product distribution business. The interest-free loan was used to purchase a mobile trailer which allowed the business to expand into other geographies.

Educational Support

Learner and Educator Support – Gauteng

The Tower Group operates in the broader Human Capital field, and as such we recognise the vital importance of education. The Tower Group started its support in the education field in 2011 and has, since then, been supporting institutions offering secondary education financial support. Our current programmes support learners and educators in secondary schools with the aim of improving the overall academic results, which in turn, leads to increased employability and economic participation of these learners. Our current focus is on rural tertiary institutions where we have identified the greatest need. Our long-term programmes have been proven to be very successful and the programmes are extended during each academic year..

Crime Prevention 

Tower, during the 1998 to 2010 period, acted as a corporate sponsor of Crime Prevention Initiatives. Over the years our support to crime prevention organisations included, interest-free loans, donations, supply of office furniture, supply of computer equipment and involvement by Tower executives with the programme. Tower is proud to have been a long-term corporate sponsor of an internationally recognised NGO that is still involved in the rehabilitation of young ex-offenders as well as many other community safety initiatives.

Environmental Awareness – National

At Tower we strongly believe that there is a need for long-term programmes to care for and protect the environment. To achieve this Tower supports environmental protection programmes such as the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

Ad-Hoc CSR Initiatives

Tower also, occasionally, makes ad-hoc donations to benevolent / non-profit organisations. This is in instances where urgent intervention is required to worthy causes such as:

  • Office furniture and computer equipment donated Crime Prevention initiatives;
  • Office productivity equipment delivered to High Schools in Umlazi.

People Development

Tower Branded Academies

Tower believes that if we continually develop our staff then we will be able to reach our corporate Vision of contributing to sustainable profitability for our clients.
To achieve this ambitious goal, we have been successfully operating “Branded Academies,” whereby we initiate continuous development programmes for a-typical workers assigned at our clients. These are ongoing developmental, education and training programmes through which we broaden and uplift the general skills of our a-typical worker assignees to ensure that they deliver the required value to our clients. These academies aim to make a meaningful difference to the overall skill level of our a-typical assignees and to allow more of our assignees the opportunity of gaining longer-term or permanent employment, which may include higher-level assignments or jobs.

Contact Details

For more information regarding Tower’s CSR projects or to submit a request

Please contact the CEO, Peter Venter, in writing on fax 011 – 268-6863 or

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